This promotion is open to current members as well as any members who join Most Powerful Auctions through out the month of OCTOBER of 2018.

Each member is allowed a MAXIMUM of 10 entries for this promotion.


How to earn Entries:

Fixed Price Listing=1 Entry (Minimum of 10 days)

Auction Style Listing=1 Entry (Minimum of 5 days)

Refer a Friend=2 Entries (Referred Friend Recieves 1 Entry)

Most Powerful Auctions Spirit=1 Single Entry Per Member

(Simply post a picture of one of our bumper stickers or MPA stickers on your car,truck,boat,van,plane ect...)


***Please do not deface of place our stickers on someone elses property.

Most Powerful Auctions takes no liability for the destruction or defacement of public or private property.***


*Referred Friend must be 18yrs of age or older and have a verified PayPal account.*


Our wheel holds 100 spots/entries if we exceede 100 a second wheel will be added.

A winner will be selected from each wheel and then both will be placed onto a seperate "Battle Wheel"

Where one winner will be chosen through a single spin.


***This promotion requires a minimum of 75 listings/Entries***


All entries must be submitted by 6pm est on


I will keep the list updates at Most Powerful Auctions Monthly Giveaway's



Thank you,

Most Powerful Auctions

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