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Listing Options/Styles

 MPA Auction:

In an MPA Auction you recieve bids on an item or items you have put up for sale.

The item is then sold to the highest bidder at the end of the auction.

You can also offer Buy Now option as well where a buyer may purchase  the item

for sale before the auction/listing's scheduled end.


Auction/Listing Duration Time:

You may list and Item or items at auction from 1-10 days Maximum

if your item does not sell in the allotted time your item will then be relisted at no charge

for the number of days you originally set your auction at. If the item does not sell then

you will recieve one more relisting for those allotted days at no charge to you.

Up to a Max of 30 days total.

Example: (1 Listing 10 days, Relist 10 days, Final Relist 10 days=30 Days Max)

MPA Fixed Price

An item or items are put at a Fixed Price so that a buyer may purchase the item

instantly without having to bid. Fixed Price Ads run from 1-30 days Max.

(Contact emails may go to your SPAM folder)


 MPA Best Offer

Best offer allows the buyer to negotiate a price with the seller.

This in turn allows the buyer to purchase an item at a lower price than the Buy Now price.

The seller can accept,decline or make a counter offer.

A buyer is limited to three offers on a single item.

If your offer is accepted by the seller you and the seller are then required to complete the transaction.



Local Pickup

If a sellers item or items are listed as "Pickup Only" you will recieve information on the items location at checkout.

If you have any questions about the item or items please contact the seller before purchase.

After you have made the purchase of the item contact the seller to arrange a time and place to collect your item.

Payment for all items should be made through Most Powerful Auctions/Paypal to ensure you are covered by Paypals purchase protection.

Most Powerful Auctions takes no liabilty for purchases made outside of our website.







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