Publishing an Ad

How to Publish your ad

1.At the top left hand of your homepage select Publish an ad

Or mid right side of the page.

2. If you select My Account you will be brought to your User Account Manager where you can publish an ad from as well

3.Select the Main Category you would like to publish your item or items under.

4.Select the Subcategory or catagories that pertain to your item or items.


5. Give your ad a Title, Description and add up to 5 images(FREE) of your item. Remember to include any special shipping options,pricing or details buyers should be aware of. Please give accurate and detailed descriptions of your items and use clear pictures of the item or items.(Image Max 6mb per image )

6.Fill in the Listing location information(Optional)

7.Select if you would like to list your ad as Fixed Price/Buy Now, Classified Ad. If you do not select Fixed Price it will be set as an Auction by default.Fill in the Start Date, Starting price, Shipping Fees, Reserve price(if auction is selected) and you can set your Auction item to Auto Relist for up to 3X's(30 days FREE) Fixed Price Ads 1-30 days in duration.

If Fixed Price is selected Best Offer will become available as an option.

8. Set your shipping price for US and International Shipping. If you are publishing an Auction you will also set a Reserve Price for your item.You can disable the Reserve Price by setting the Reserve Price same as the Start Price (example... Start Price .99 Reserve Price .99). You can set shipping to FREE by entering (0) for the shipping price. Set Auto Relisting from 0 relists to a max total of 3 FREE relistings!!!

9.Select Yes/No for International Shipping. Set an International Shipping Exception(Ships to US & Canada) Select your Shipping Service,Select your shipping time frame,Let buyers know if you Combine Shipping or Not,Let buyers know your Return Policy. If you set your listing as an Auction let buyers know if your item has a Reserve Price or Not as well as the Items Condition.

10.Publish Options, You may select if you would like to make your ad stand out with our Premium or Highlight options(applicable fees apply) All asscoiated fees will required to be paid before your ad can be published. Select PUBLISH to continue on to PayPal and post your ad. If you would like to avoid continually having to check out with PayPal for each listing you can also purchase Most Powerful Auctions Credit Packs.





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